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SP 1400 CLASS- HIGHER, FASTER, FUEL EFFICIENTCompact, High Performance & High Fuel Efficiency

The SP 1400 – “A SCHWING solution for high delivery volume with low concrete pressure, low delivery volume with high concrete pressures & high fuel efficiency in the compact-class with 48 kW engine power. Therefore the SP 1400 is designed with a whole row of excellent features in usual SCHWING quality. As on all SCHWING concrete pumps, the SP 1400 has an output governed hydraulic pump that ensures that the prime movers never overloaded, the automatic governor splits available engine output optimally into oil flow and oil pressure and allows the concrete pump to run at the best possible output level. At the same time, the manual de-stroker valve can be used to set the pump to a required fine-tuning to set stroke rate and output independent to the automatic governor. The open circuit, combined with the SCHWING designed “Hi-Flow” spool block ensures minimum heat generation in the hydraulics, therefore negligible output losses and minimum stress for the hydraulic components. During short breaks in pumping, the main control spool is shifted to “idle circuit” so that all of the oil coming from the hydraulic pump flows pressure less back to the tank, thereby making a further contribution towards keeping oil temperatures low. On SCHWING pumps, there is no feed pump that runs on continually and turns valuable energy into wasteful heat. As a second function, the main spool also isolates the drive circuits from the concrete pump system. In this way, the concrete cylinders are “parked” and support the column of concrete in the pipeline. No danger of the concrete slipping back, segregating and over flowing out of the hopper.

SP1400 turn introducing the Sp1400Turbo, your favorite pump on steroids. The 1400Turbo Is with a heavy-duty 60kw for increased power. The extra power generated helps 1400 withstand concrete pressures of up to 108 bar. This will be especially useful in pumping stiffer concrete mixes.

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